How can I use the Library's computers?
Here are the basics: you can get a free turn on the internet, or use word processing. Prints cost ten cents a page. Fifty cents for color prints.

Internet turns at the Main Library are half an hour. Most Branch Libraries have at least one computer on which you can get a longer turn.

At the Main Library in Eureka, use your Humboldt County Library Card to sign directly on to internet computers, or use the reservation station to reserve a turn. If you are a visitor, ask for a Guest Pass at the Circulation Desk. If you are filling out a government form or an application form for school or employment, ask the reference librarian if a special computer is available for you.

If you don't need the internet, there's usually a word processing computer free. These workstations include resume software, word processing, and spreadsheets.

On the left menu of the library home page, under Library Resources, look for Public Computers & Internet -- there you'll find more details. Visit the Public Computers & Internet Page Now

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