Your Donations Support Education, Culture & Community

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Your gift in support of the library will be used and enjoyed by the community for years to come, and can be a thoughtful way of honoring or remembering someone special.
Follow the linked headings below to find full information about how to make different kinds of donations.
  1. Book Donations

    Book donations are welcome at every library in our system. Visit this page to learn about ways and means to donate new or used books. DVDs and CDs are also welcome.

  2. Monetary Donations

    Your monetary donation to the Humboldt County Libraries is welcome in any amount, from a penny in the dinosaur bank at the children's desk in the Main Library to joining the Humboldt Library Foundation Legacy Circle.

  1. Humboldt Library Foundation

    The Humboldt Library Foundation, an independent nonprofit group, rallies support across our diverse county to enhance programs and learning opportunities in the Humboldt County Library system.

  2. Friends of the Library

    'Friends of the Library' organizations throughout Humboldt County are volunteer groups that exist to support the entire library system or to give special support to an individual branch library in their community.