Housing Element

2014 General Plan Housing Element Update
The Housing Element is one of the seven required elements of a General Plan by state law. Unlike the other general plan elements, the Housing Element is required to be updated every five to six years.

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2014 Housing Element Approved May 13, 2014
2009 / 2010 General Plan Housing Element
August 28, 2012 Revisions to the Housing Element
Housing Element Implementation
General Plan, Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Modifications
The Housing Element includes a set of General Plan, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance modifications to encourage development and retention of affordable housing.
Multifamily Rezoning Program
The multifamily rezone program proposes to rezone properties to increase the multifamily housing development potential in the county. Read more about the Rezone Program.
Historic Documents
Previous drafts of the housing element are available in the historic documents section.