Background Reports

Numerous technical background reports were prepared to provide a range of information and detail necessary to complete the plan. Technical data found in this plan originated from these reports unless otherwise noted and cited in Appendix E. Some of the key reports are listed below.

Natural Resources & Hazards (2002)

Report Figures

Moving Goods & People (October 2002)

Agricultural Resources & Policies (August 2003)

Community Design Toolkit (October 2003)

Residential Land Availability Survey (2004)

Draft General Plan Energy Element Technical Report (October 2005)
  • Redwood Coast Energy Authority Report

Living in a Networked World - Telecommunications

Water Resources Technical Report (November 2007)

Community Infrastructure & Services (July 2008)

Humboldt County Master Fire Protection Plan (August 2006)
  • Website and Full Report

Critical Choices (March 2001)

Related Studies

Port of Humboldt Bay Harbor Revitalization Plan

  • Port of Humboldt Bay Report

Humboldt County Airport Master Plans

Prosperity! Update

District Sphere Reports (LAFCO)