Management & Budget

The Management and Budget Team assists the Board of Supervisors in development and implementation of policies, recommends the annual budget and legislative platforms to the board for adoption, compiles the fee schedule, and assists in the administration and operation of county departments by monitoring the use of financial and human resources. Internships are available with the county, to learn more please visit the internship page of the website.
  1. Budget

    The budget provides an estimate of the county's resources (revenues) and a legal limit for spending (expenditures) by county government.

  2. CAO Code

    Review current county code for the CAO.

  3. Internships

    Humboldt County offers a wide range of opportunities for students at all levels.

  4. Fee Schedule

    Find fees for different departments for the current year.

  5. Public Information

    The County Administrative Office maintains a public information function to assist in disseminating valuable information, particularly in times of emergency.

  6. Legislative Platform

    Each year, Humboldt County departments review and recommend State and federal legislation that would improve and enhance county financing, operation, and efficiency in service delivery.

  7. Department History