EBSCOHost eBooks

EBSCOHost was formerly called NetLibrary. It only includes work of non-fiction only. Access to this subscription service is available at the library to all users. Offsite access is restricted to Humboldt County Library cardholders.

Search the EBSCOHost Website

On the EBSCOHost page, you can search all of the EBSCO eBooks Humboldt Library subscribes to by keyword or, you can browse by category and see the book covers as you do so. These books may also be found by using the library catalog.

Humboldt's subscription does not empower us to use every function of Ebsco. For example, we do not get audiobooks or fiction from Ebsco. The EBSCOHost page will let you search for them, but you will get a result of zero. We do not have "download offline" permissions for Ebsco's eBooks; you must use an internet connection while you read them.

Find EBSCO eBooks on the Library Catalog

In the library catalog, you can create a list of eBooks by searching the call number "eBooks." You may also do an author, title, subject or keyword search for e-books by using the Advanced Search and choosing the material type "eBooks." To spot an eBook in the catalog during ordinary searching, look for the image of a laptop with an "e" on the screen. The call number will be "eBooks."

Public Domain Collections (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Music & Videos)

These unrestricted sites provide access to eMedia (including music and videos) in the public domain and are accessible to everyone both offsite and in the library.