Public Domain eAudio Websites

This is a list of links to eAudiobooks and Audio Media on the World Wide Web.  These internet sites provide access to eMedia in the public domain.  Please note that the Humboldt County Library and its staff are not responsible for the content found on any of these sites.

Archive Audiobooks
The audiobooks section of Archive links to various collections of fiction and nonfiction, plays and poetry.  Some of these are read in machine voices, others by humans. 

An extensive list of classics and other audio books for adults and children, read by volunteers.  The books include fiction in all genres, nonfiction, plays and poetry, Bibles, etc.  Following the interests of the readers, the lists also include many nonfiction subjects not usually found in commercial audiobook recordings, such as crafts, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and literary criticism.

A substantial list of original, modern fiction, mostly self-published and read by the authors or their friends, and often quite well-read or even dramatized with a full cast and sound effects.  The literary quality of these works varies; some entries are very well written, others less so, but it's easy to explore and find what you like.  Subscribe to podcasts or download existing works broken into short podcast-sized chunks.

Poetry Archive
A large collection of poetry by published and classic poets, in audio format, sometimes read in the author's own voice.

Public Radio Podcasts
Podcasts from NPR including the TED Radio Hour, news, science, interviews, arts, and more.

Storytelling Podcasts
Intended for adults, podcasts collected from everywhere, by iPodder, the website which lists "hand-picked, peer-reviewed podcasts that you can count on for quality information and entertainment."

Thought Audio
Thoughtful audio books ranging from Lewis Carroll and H.G. Wells to Saki, Gandhi, and Nietsche.