Probation Department

Mission statement
Justice, Rehabilitation, and Community Safety
Core Organizational Values
  • Open Mindedness - Being receptive to contradictory or new ideas/concepts without bias
  • Ethical Behavior - Following the spirit of the rules and standards for principled conduct or practice, especially regarding policy and procedures
  • Empathy - Understanding another person's situation, feelings, and motives. Empathy does not always require sympathy or agreement; it requires understanding
  • Industriousness - Being committed to hard work, self-reliance, and creativity to meet Department standards
  • Effectiveness - Successfully producing the intended result
  • Optimism - Thinking about the good qualities of someone or something; believing that a good result will happen; being hopeful



Local grants available to reduce crime, recidivism

If you provide local services that reduce crime and recidivism, you may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 from a new grant being offered by the County of Humboldt. The Humboldt County Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) will begin accepting applications for this new grant on Saturday, Aug. 1.
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Apply for the grant here