Public Safety & Legal Information

  1. Animal Control

    See laws that relate to animals.

  2. Grand Jury

    The Grand Jury is part of the judicial branch of government. Consisting of 19 citizens, it is an arm of the court, yet an entirely independent body.

  3. Humboldt 2-1-1

    Humboldt 2-1-1 offers a comprehensive database of information on resources available in Humboldt County. You can search their database yourself, or you can call our help line at 2-1-1 from any phone in Humboldt County to talk to a real person.

  4. Legal Self Help

    Seek out legal self help.

  5. Office of Emergency Services

    Learn about our Emergency Plans.

  6. Sheriff's Office

    Explore what the sheriff's department does for our community.

  7. Wildfire Protection